Jun. 4th, 2010

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The upcoming election next Tuesday, July 8, has some truly evil ballot propositions on it. They're stealthy, by design, so you might just vote for them unless someone told you otherwise. They're funded by big corporations to allow them to screw us over -- with our own consent.

Proposition 16 makes it practically impossible for cities and other entities to get their power anywhere but from the big electricity monopoly in most of the state, PG&E. If a city has an idea as to how to get power more cheaply or in a more ecologically sound way, they will not be able to do it if Proposition 16 passes. Please vote against it.

Proposition 17 allows insurance companies to jack up your rates by any amount if you miss a payment or have ever missed a payment. These days, everyone is in danger of falling into that hole at some point, and the insurance companies will make a fortune off struggling people who don't deserve to be victimized. Please vote against Proposition 17.

In addition to voting against Propositions 16 and 17, you might consider supporting Proposition 15, which creates a system for public financing of state elections. Considering how easy it is for corporations to buy elections -- as in the propositions above -- anything that would mitigate this is highly desirable.

Please, go to the polls next Tuesday, June 8th, and do your part.


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