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The best Fourths of July are in my past. There were picnics, parades, and fireworks. Then these things began to disappear. Last to go were the fireworks. For a few years, you could stand on a hill in back of the graduate student dorms at UC Irvine and see the fireworks go off all over Irvine and Tustin, and, if you looked behind you and squinted, even Newport Beach and Laguna. There were only a few people who knew about that hill, and their voices became whispers when you were only a few feet away from them. Then the University built new, gimcrack dorms all over that hill, and the only places to go were the local high schools, where you could have the privilege of paying $25 a head to squeeze into a concrete stadium and be deafened in the company of a thousand raucous others while listening to the dulcet sounds of Lee Greenwood and to speakers who crossed the border from Patriotism into Jingoism without so much as stopping at Immigration.

So, this year, we picked up some coffee, went home and worked for most of the day, took a walk near the park, had some homemade hot dogs and potato salad, and watched an episode of Julia Child. We didn't even hear much by way of fireworks, which is unusual -- usually we can hear Disneyland light up at 9:30 PM on the dot. And we took a bit of time to thank God for our country's past and for its ideals, and to hope that it would not go the way of ancient Rome in the next few years.

Who knows what next year will bring?

Date: 2010-07-05 10:53 pm (UTC)
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Hmmm...maybe we can have a belated fourth of July for you here at the Island when you and Beth come by. I can score a bunch of post-holiday fireworks, and we can have a picnic. No parades, unless I get chased by geese, which is a distinct possibility...

I swear, there is something morally bankrupt about charging money to see fireworks. Wrong, I say!


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