Feb. 17th, 2010

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Interesting problem: how to assemble a survey of classical music in 6-10 discs for $70 or under.

I hate survey CDs -- "100 Classical Pieces to Chill Out By." They're inevitably put together by the "special products" division of a label, which means that the key consideration is not quality of performance but how cheap the licensing is. Our local classical station offers them by the dozens as premiums. I want to do slightly better than that. I have a friend who is just getting into classical music. But I'm not sure she has the kind of concentration you need to listen to a whole Nathan Milstein or Beaux Arts Trio album. At the same time, I'm not comfortable simply ripping her some "mix CDs." And if I put together something out of the albums I know and love, it will cost me $150-$170. I need 6-10 "cheap and cheerful" records which will get the job done without being musical disappointments and without bankrupting me. My first and best thought was Naxos -- they had a survey sequence, but it is now offered only in Sweden. Researching and assembling a repertoire of good budget CDs will take an incredible amount of time.

What am I missing?


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